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Apartment Administration Regulations for Overseas Students in Hankou University


The Regulations are formulated in accordance with the actual accommodation of our university, in order to strengthen the safety management of the accommodation of foreign students and ensure the safety of the students' personal and property.

第一节入住管理Checking-in Procedure


1. International students who are admitted or registered in the university can apply fort he university accommodation. Students will be disqualified from living in the international student apartment (hereinafter referred to as the apartment)if found violating the university regulations.


2.Students must apply to the dormitory in advance and sign a accommodation contract with the university. Get the application presenting your passport, fill in the registration form and then receive your room key(pay a security deposit).

第二节公寓住宿管理Accommodation Management


3.International students should abide by Chinese laws, regulations and school regulations and disciplines. It is forbidden to preach and hold religious gatherings in the dormitory.


4. No loud noises in the apartment. Foreign students must live in designated rooms and may not change rooms without permission from the school authorities. No unauthorized entry into the other' s room without the permission of others.


5.Take care of the facilities and articles of the students' apartments, and may not unload or refit the water and electricity equipment without permission.


6.The daily hygiene in the apartment is completed by the students themselves. Keep the apartment environment clean and keep the personal belongings clean and tidy.


7. Pay attention to fire prevention, the person who causes thefire shall compensate for all losses; if any serious personalor property losses are caused, the causer shall be investigated by the judicial organ for criminal responsibility.


8. The cost of water, electricity, gas and the network is assumed among the students themselves. Turn off the lights, TV, computer and other electrical appliances when you leave the room. No private power supply or electrical switch shall be checked to prevent electric shock. When water, electricity and gas are found to be out of order, they should be reported to the dormitory administrator in time.


9. All inflammable, explosive, poisonous and harmful articles are forbidden to be brought into and stored in the dormitory.


10. No night out,no accommodation of the others.


11. Person who ignores the relevant provisions of the above, with the destruction of public property, drinking, fighting or damage to the property of others and other bad actors, according to circumstances,will be punished and ordered to make compensation for the economic losses, in serious cases, according to the provisions of the relevant laws of china.

十二 留学生住房一经确定,不允许私自调整。严禁私自换房、转让、出租床位或房间给他人使用。

12. International students are not permitted to provide rooms of the apartment to others without the permission of the university.

违反公寓管理规定的处理Disciplinary Rules forViolation of Accommodation Regulation








13.International students who conduct the following irregularities within the dormitory, if the circumstances are minor, will be given a verbal warning; if the circumstances are serious, students will be given a written warning.

i. violation of the fire safety management system, causing a potential safety hazard, without physical damage to personal property;

ii.smoking in the public area of the apartment, throwing objects out of the apartment, breeding and keeping of pets, or not parking vehicles or storing things in the regulated location, and effecting the normal apartment living environment, etc.;

iii. causing loss of public property because of intentional or negligent behaviors;

iv. two complaints in an academic year.

v. no reporting or registration at the Dorm Office within 24 hours when there is any change in the identity certificate.

vi.violation of registration and management regulations about visiting the students in the apartment.

vii. disturbing others from normal study and life by making loud noise.












14. International students who are engaged in the following behaviors, will be given serious disciplinary warning or disqualified from accommodation in the apartment.

i.transfer, rent beds to others privately;

ii. attempts to escape, hide, resist, block or interfere with school staff who are performing their duties;

iii. violation of fire safety management system, storage or use of dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, corrosive and illegal appliances, use of naked fire, private network wire pulling, embezzlement of public electricity, or other behaviors which cause serious security consequences;

iv. malicious or repeated violation of administrator registration regulation relating to the passport, visa, accommodation, or violation of Chinese laws and regulations which constitute illegal stay;

v. refusal to pay related accommodation fees regardless of two payment notices;

vi. illegal gatherings in the apartment area;

vii.damaging the facilities in the room or the public areas of the apartment deliberately;

viii.disturbing the public order by getting drunk,making trouble, triggering fighting and other serious behaviors;

ix.three or more complaints in an academic year;

x.other serious violations against regulations confirmed by the apartment manager and student affairs office.

第十 外国留学生有以下行为的,予以开除学籍处分,并取消其公寓内住宿资格。





15. International students in the dormitory engaged in the following behaviors, will be expelled from the university from the university and cancelled of their accommodation.

i. engagement in illegal and criminal activities during the living period of apartment accommodation;

ii. violation of the fire safety management system, causing serious consequences;

iii. providing accommodation to any one of the opposite gender without approval;

vi. Providing shelter, or hiding foreigners who enter or stay in the country illegally or assist foreigners escape from inspections illegally.




16. The dormitory office will give a written notice to those who are disqualified from living in the apartment; those who do not receive the written notice will have their notice posted publicly at the International Student Office. The students shall check out from the apartment within 7 days after the notice is issued.

i.those who refuse to move out the apartment are not allowed to enter the apartment, and the Dormitory Office may appoint two or more workers to clean out their personal belongings, and the students will bear the losses it brings.

ii.those who are disqualified from the apartment accommodation are not permitted to move into the apartment again.